Epic Cinematic Music

Compelling themes, maximum emotional impact

Christopher Marshall is a Colorado based composer and artist who creates music across a broad sonic and emotional spectrum. Inspired by a range of artists including Harry Lightfoot, Jo Blankenburg, Thomas Bergersen, and Hanz Zimmer, his music is epic, emotional, powerful, and cinematic. From minimal piano melodies to high-octane intensity and thunderous grandeur, his themes illuminate a vast range of dramatic possibilities.

Christopher also enjoys venturing out of the studio for the adventure, serenity, and beauty of scenic nature photography. Living in the Rocky Mountains affords access to stunning panoramas that he captures in vibrant photos. These portraits of nature’s architecture might be seen as a mirror of his compositions, revealing his eye for color, contrast, and gauging the golden hour for the perfect visual crescendo with maximum dramatic impact.

With his debut collection, Genesis, Christopher Marshall recorded 10 full-length themes with a diversity of styles across an emotion-driven palette that illustrates a traditional musical foundation with an affinity for European classicism, meditative ambience, and an edgy modern hybrid orchestral aptitude.

"A single piece of music transcends language and connects us through shared, universal emotions, yet is personal in what it means to each of us individually. I love creating music that connects deeply on an emotional level, gives goosebumps, inspires or opens the floodgates, and paints a story unique to the listener. Music is magical."

Christopher is constantly composing and has lots of new music queued up and ready to release soon.